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Re: So, who's in charge of Kfreebsd? The installer is broken

Yes, that's a good suggestion; I've done that in the past.  However, I work in a support role for 8 hours a day these days, and the human psyche can only take so much without having some downtime ;-)

I will try to get a working KFreeBSD VM uploaded to the FreeOsZoo per the TODO:

--If anyone is already working on this, please feel free to contact me - we might be able to collaborate.  I have some little bit of experience in creating VMs:


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> Subject: Re: So, who's in charge of Kfreebsd? The installer is broken
> 2012/7/25 Dave Bechtel <kingneutron@inbox.com>:
>> ...And BTW, when I ask "who's in charge" I also mean, "how can I help?"
>> ;-)  I really like the concept behind this distro and want to
>> contribute.  Do we need to get 50 people or so testing the KFBSD
>> installer with various options and bugreporting?  Can we get an actual
>> webforum going instead of just a mailing list?  How bout a Live DVD with
>> recovery tools? etc.
> If you want to help, I think setting up (or providing assistance in) a
> user forum would be useful.  http://forums.debian.net/ sounds like a
> good starting point.
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> Robert Millan
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