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So, who's in charge of Kfreebsd? The installer is broken


I am using the current mini.iso from 2012.0712, trying to install Testing--64 as a guest in Vmware 8.04 on a Linux host.  I was testing the install in a VM before committing it to physical HW.

Tried both GPT and MSDOS partition table types.

I ran into an existing bug, which stops the installer cold and prevents the system from booting after install:

This is a showstopper for me.  I was wanting to redo the Freebsd/PCBSD9 install on my main ZFS server with Kfreebsd.  To accomplish this properly, I require root "/" to be ZFS (which is arguably one of the main reasons for running Freebsd in the 1st place.)

I really want a ZFS root disk with kfreebsd's package management, since my existing Ports on the PCBSD box is borked (due to a powerloss sustained while compiling a full ports upgrade.)  

If GRUB2 will not install, please at least provide the traditional FreeBSD boot loader (or LILO - or SOMETHING that actually works!) in the netinstall so I can get a working system up and running.

Guys, this bug has been open since Feb 2011(!) The installer needs to be **BULLETPROOF.**  I've seen other messages on the net indicating that this is *absolutely* inhibiting people from installing and using Kfreebsd.  PLEASE FIX -- TIA

...And BTW, when I ask "who's in charge" I also mean, "how can I help?" ;-)  I really like the concept behind this distro and want to contribute.  Do we need to get 50 people or so testing the KFBSD installer with various options and bugreporting?  Can we get an actual webforum going instead of just a mailing list?  How bout a Live DVD with recovery tools? etc.

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