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Re: packages stuck on buildd fils


Just a reminder that some packages are still stuck in 'Built' state on
fils for over 10 days without reaching 'Uploaded' or 'Installed' state.
 I would guess this was some temporary problem such as lack of diskspace
or connection problem.

This is keeping some of those packages from migrating despite having
freeze exceptions.

Maybe givebacks would be the easiest way to fix this (the problem seems
to have gone away, and the buildds are basically idle now anyways).

fritzing (18d 23h 12m, fils)
shoes (18d 23h 5m, fils)
git-annex (18d 22h 57m, fils)
dico (18d 22h 52m, fils)
file (18d 22h 45m, fils)

Thank you,

Steven Chamberlain

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