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Bug#679709: freebsd-nfs-common: no timeout for hanging NFS mounts

2012/6/30 Christoph Egger <christoph@debian.org>:
>   I have some system here that has some NFS shares in
> /etc/fstab. Changing anything on the networking side is incredibly
> painfull because the system won't boot without network access (hanging
> trying to mount the NFS volumes) which aren't vital for administration
> (like userhomes) so I have to remember to comment out NFS mounts
> before working on the network side or -- if I forgot to do so -- boot
> a live system and comment out the shares so I can boot again. Ideally
> the NFS shares would just be skipped after some (potentially large)
> timeout.

Could someone check if this is a problem on FreeBSD too?  If it's just
that the mount() kernel call is not returning, AFAICT it can only be
fixed in kernel.

Robert Millan

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