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Re: bash: Fails to upgrade in kFreeBSD jails


On 03/07/12 17:47, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> F_GETFL is 3, so fcntl is being called correctly.  But why does
> fcntl(F_GETFL) return 1 (== FD_CLOEXEC)?  This looks like a bug.

That is what led me to assume that O_CLOEXEC might be defined as zero
when our kfreebsd-images are built (and hence FD_CLOEXEC set by
default).  But I can't easily check this until I get a new kfreebsd-*
build environment set up.

This would explain why the problem only occurred in a jail on a FreeBSD
upstream kernel (which presumably doesn't do this, because their own
libc has the ability to set FD_CLOEXEC later on an open fd if requested).

Steven Chamberlain

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