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Re: Bug#679198: bash: [on native FreeBSD] unable to set FD_CLOEXEC flag

On 29/06/12 14:12, Stefan Ott wrote:
> Interesting. If you have a ideas / patches that I could try out I
> would be happy to.

You could rebuild bash with Jonathan Nieder's patch, and use it locally

It would be nice to fix this, as bash is an essential package which I
guess would cause a problem during debootstrap.  But fixing this isn't
release-critical, would require a freeze exemption, and it is extra
important that a fix wouldn't affect bash on other architectures.

In the longer term it would be better that our kernels and glibc can
implement the correct fix, and leave bash unmodified, as there are
probably other packages we don't know about with related problems.

Steven Chamberlain

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