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Re: OpenJDK-7 on kFreeBSD

On 25/06/12 10:59, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Georgi Naplatanov <gosho@oles.biz> writes:
>> [...] May be it's better to be used
>> newer versions of sbuild and schroot on buildd machines (if it's
>> possible of course).
> Well once wheezy is released ;-) we'll get newer versions. [...]

Would schroot from squeeze-backports be an option before then?  If it

Georgi had used schroot_1.4.22-1~bpo60+1 before and got as far as this,
which we now consider to be an improvement:

> Error: could not find libjava.so
> Error: Could not find Java SE Runtime Environment. 

The most interesting change introduced in that version is this commit,
which created a new 'buildd' profile which differs slightly from the
default one (if that's what was being used before).  For example, a new
nullfs mount for /build but no longer for /tmp or /home.


Would anything during build be using UNIX sockets?  Specifically within
/tmp?  Those wouldn't work properly due to #637697 still affecting the
8.1 kernel in squeeze;  I think we've just seen that issue on the
buildds building fakechroot which builds fine on a wheezy system:


Steven Chamberlain

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