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Barry and ppp support on kfreebsd


I'm searching for a solution to the above CC'd bug (#678233).

It is holding up the evolution transition, and so I'm very interested in
fast (and correct) solutions. :-)

On Linux, Barry supplies a number of pre-configured pppd options files
to easily support the various wireless providers around the world.  So far
there are about 16 options files, which get installed under /etc/ppp/peers.
This lets users connect via BlackBerry with something like:

	pppd call barry-rogers

Each options file has a 'pty' option that causes Barry's pppob to run and
provide the low level modem support, similar to rp-pppoe.  I can't seem to
find rp-pppoe on kfreebsd, so I can't use it as an example to find a

On kfreebsd, the ppp package is not available, and on a fresh install of
the freebsd-ppp package, there is no /etc/ppp directory, let alone
/etc/ppp/peers.  I'm not even sure yet if 'ppp call ...' is supported.
It seems that freebsd-ppp is waiting for me to configure things from
scratch myself. :-)

Can someone point me to pppd -> freebsd-ppp porting documentation?
Or even better, suggest a solution?

What are my options so far?  It would be nice if Barry was supported on
kfreebsd, and it would be a shame if Barry got booted from Linux because
of this lack of support.

Thanks in advance for any help,
- Chris

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