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Re: [rt.debian.org #3892] AutoReply CC: kfreebsd-8: cve-2012-0217

Hi Robert,

I'm assuming you created that RT ticket?  I was included on Cc:, but I
can't view via the web without an account.  I also didn't see the
initial post and don't know the status of this.

I tried to follow up just now to a comment (I can't see the author) that
was posted and I've no idea if my reply was accepted.  Just wanted to
check this with you in case my reply to RT isn't visible:

> On 21/06/12 18:36, Debian Developer via RT wrote:
>> > Careful, patch in SVN repository can't be used as-is. See:
>> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2012/06/msg00214.html

My reply:

> After querying it with upstream they confirmed it was incorrect
> (ineffective), has now been fixed, and I already committed r4320 which
> matches upstream's correction.  Please also see my follwup on debian-bsd:
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2012/06/msg00246.html

In other words the current SVN is fine for release.  Hopefully soon,
because the exploit is due to be be demonstrated publicly tomorrow.

Steven Chamberlain

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