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Re: Bug#671550: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Bug#671550: nodejs: building on kfreebsd-*

On 16/06/2012 15:03, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Hi,
> On 15/06/12 21:55, Jérémy Lal wrote:
>> Did you rebuild libv8 after i applied your patches (i modified them) ?
>> All tests passed ?
> I've pulled the latest libv8 git and rebuilt it;  all tests passed.
> Here is a log of that:
> http://pyro.eu.org/f/3gP6A9d4RAKl5U_X0rFHIw.txt
> The test harness (Python) seems to hang _some_ of the time;  I can't
> always reproduce it, but this is a known issue with Python threading (or
> glibc) on kfreebsd-*, seen occasionally on the buildds when building
> some other packages.  If I left it long enough (there's a 180-minute
> timeout?) maybe it would be able to recover and finish building.

180 seconds :)

>> Also could you paste the build log of nodejs ? I'd like to understand why
>> nine tests are failing.
> I don't have a log of that.  So I did a rebuild from scratch using the
> libv8 I just compiled, latest nodejs package from git, and the most
> recent set of patches I sent you.  This time there were only 5 test
> failures:
> http://pyro.eu.org/f/StBvXuZ7Sn6urlCwb13jSg.txt

Notice the

that are on that build log, and that are not on the other ones.
I guess it's partly building c-ares, or using headers from c-ares,
which is wrong since c-ares is a build-dependency.

> This failure is new in 0.6.19~dfsg1-3:
> * simple/test-http-full-response
>> assert.js:104
>>   throw new assert.AssertionError({
>>         ^
>> AssertionError: 3 == 0
> There seems to be a timeout when the test runs this:
> ab -c 1 -n 10
> But it works okay if I run this 10 (or even 100) times instead:
> ab -c 1 -n 1
> The other tests were already failing in 0.6.16~dfsg1-2:
> * test-fs-utimes -- maybe not supported on ZFS?
> * test-fs-watch -- fails with ENOSYS = not supported
> * test-setproctitle -- expected to fail on kfreebsd-* (it is not
> implemented yet in libbsd)
> * test-http-upgrade-server:
> That looked like a response is being served with "Transfer-Encoding:
> chunked" which the test case doesn't understand.  So if I change the
> request type to HTTP/1.0 on test/simple/test-http-upgrade-server.js:155
> it passes.

Ok, i propose to let nodejs build fail on those tests, just to see what
failures comes out on kfreebsd buildd server(s). Then i'll fix or forward
them upstream.

Thank you.


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