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Re: [Glibc-bsd-commits] r4301 - in trunk/kfreebsd-9/debian: . patches

2012/6/13 Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:
> I'll try to commit the patch for the ipv6refcount errata
> notice by then.
> I just committed the sysret fix in the kfreebsd-8 trunk as well.

Seen that, thanks!

> What about the 8.1 kernel in Squeeze;  it's affected too, so should I
> commit this in the /squeeze/ branch?

Yes please.

> And would you be able to arrange
> for a stable-sec and/or s-p-u upload?  I'm not sure of the proper
> procedure for those.

We just need to explain why we need each patch.  SA-12:04.sysret is
easy because it already has its own BTS entry, but
EN-12:02.ipv6refcount is undocumented.

If you could file a bug on kfreebsd 8.1 for the ipv6refcount, that'd
be helpful.  I can take care of the rest.

Robert Millan

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