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Re: 8.3 kernel usefull at all?

2012/6/7 Christoph Egger <christoph@debian.org>:
> Seems WLAN scanning doesn't work with a 8.3 kernel [0] in
> unstable. pf doesn't work. I'm sure there are lots more things that
> just don't work when running a 8.3 kernel with unstable's 9.0 based
> userland.

It seems there are many compatibility issues.  See also #658617 and #669604.

The biggest problem was syscons/libteken, which I backported a while
ago (see 000_teken_backport.diff and 000_syscons_backport.diff).
Unfortunately I haven't had time to backport glue for the other
interfaces, noone else stepped in (admittedly, we've all been busy
fixing more critical problems...), and now the freeze is almost here.

> Is there a reason to keep this basically non-functioning
> kernel around? what are the use-cases for it?

I'm not sure if it's worth or not. Steven pointed out some use cases,
but it's probably not at the quality level that we expect for Wheezy.

In any case, even if we decide to keep it, I agree it's better if
kfreebsd-9 was the default ("default" has a very loose meaning here,
but still).

2012/6/8 Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:
> Maybe if we kept kfreebsd-8, we could at least try to make kfreebsd-9
> 'the default', by making it first in the d-i GRUB options and debconf
> choices.

I think the only changes involved are:

- Make kfreebsd-defaults point to 9.0
- Change the grub.cfg template in d-i and wait for propagation

if we do this, it'd need to happen as soon as possible.

Is there consensus on making 9.0 the default for Wheezy?

Robert Millan

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