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Re: Bug#675834: hsqldb: FTBFS: The import java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSupportedException cannot be resolved

[ Ccing Moritz and #675495 ]


On Sun, Jun 03, 2012 at 05:44:59PM +0200, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Your package failed to build on the kfreebsd-* buildds:

More: s/on the kfreebsd-* buildds/with gcj/

Interesting. This should be JAVA7 only:

+//#ifdef JAVA7
+    public Logger getParentLogger() throws SQLFeatureNotSupportedException
+    {
+        throw new SQLFeatureNotSupportedException("Not supported yet.");
+    }
+//#endif JAVA7

> If you have further questions please mail debian-bsd@lists.debian.org

Yes, when is kFreeBSD getting a ported OpenJDK(7)?

I mean this upload just was a upload getting the fix from LibreOffice
over to hsqldb to fix build with JDK7 as the security team apparently
thinks getting rid of OpenJDK6 two weeks before the freeze/inside the freeze
is a good idea.
(This also means that LO 3.6+ and LO 3.5.4-1+ - which got the patch, too -
won't also build on kfreebsd-* if using the embedded hsqldb...)

But maybe we should just stop the native compilation, which makes this a pure
_all package and then it can build everywjere (and we can then ignore that this
is not building on gcj archs as noone seriously will build there for _all



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