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Please give back some packages to kfreebsd-* buildds


I was looking through old build failures for anything that might be able
to build now.  It's probably possible to schedule a big batch of these,
but I think there's more value to manually reviewing them.

I managed to build these two packages successfully in a clean,
up-to-date sid chroot on kfreebsd-i386:

last build attempt 333d ago failed due to testsuite hang;  it builds
okay for me now, and I ran the testsuite 100 times to check it doesn't
hang randomly;  was probably fixed by some recent eglibc fixes

last build attempt 714d ago failed due to testsuite hang;  built okay
this time with no hang, and only 2 test failures which are non-fatal
(last build log showed many other test failures which are gone now)

Please consider re-enabling builds of these packages and/or give them
back to buildds for kfreebsd-i386 and kfreebsd-amd64.


Steven Chamberlain

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