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Re: Bug#673594: ruby1.8: FTBFS[kfreebsd-*]: test-all hangs/segfaults

clone 673594 -1
severity -1 important
retitle -1 ruby1.8: threaded code segfaults under kfreebsd-*
tags 673594 + pending

Hi Steven,

Steven Chamberlain escreveu isso aí:
> Whereas the buildds experience hangs during some tests, I see segfaults
> instead.  This sometimes happens even before the first test has been run.
> This small Ruby testcase results in segfault 50% of the time under
> ruby1.8, but always succeeds with ruby1.9.1
> > require 'thread'
> > Thread.new do
> >     foo = "bar"
> > end
> (Measured out of 100 runs, on kfreebsd-i386 with 4-way SMP)
> Attached are outputs from ktrace for a success and from a failure;  then
> I've tried to diff them.  There seems to be a race whereby thread0 tries
> to call thr_kill on thread2, but if that happens too late thread2 will
> trigger a segfault instead.

Thanks for the patch. I am preparing an upload to workaround the test
timeout and make the FTBFS go away ASAP.

If you can prepare a patch to fix the race condition, please attach it
to the new bug report which I am creating by cloning this one.

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

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