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Re: Bug#637777: zeromq: fix kFreeBSD build


Unfortunately this is a (quite serious) bug #669043 in gdb on
GNU/kFreeBSD.  It is not the test program causing this:

>> (gdb) r
>> Starting program: /home/ghedo/pkg-zeromq/tests/.libs/test_pair_inproc 
>> Program received signal ?, Unknown signal.
>> __pthread_sigsuspend ()
>>     at ../ports/sysdeps/unix/bsd/bsd4.4/kfreebsd/linuxthreads/pt-sigsuspend.S:24

Maybe you could enable core dumps (ulimit -c) when running the test
program and use gdb with that instead?

Or gdb 7.4.1-1.1 should be accepted into unstable tomorrow, hopefully
fixing this.

Steven Chamberlain

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