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Re: Bug#673431: libkvm-dev: kvm.h requires sys/types.h

2012/5/19 Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:
> So due to this kludge, some headers must now include sys/types.h, because on upstream FreeBSD the appropriate definition would be been provided by GCC?

No, headers can rely on <stddef.h> for size_t as usual.

It's just kvm.h which tries to be smart and define size_t on its own,
using the __size_t from kkh.  But unlike FreeBSD we can't have
__size_t, because __size_t would break GCC << 4.7.

> I'm still confused why some of the kkh /tests/*.c include kern/sys/types.h

Well each test would have its own reasons.  Which one do you have in mind?

Robert Millan

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