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Re: Bug#673159: bowtie2: FTBFS[{kfreebsd, hurd}-i386]: error: #error "SSE2 instruction set not enabled"

Hi Andreas,

After -msse2 was disabled on 32-bit arches, the SSE types are missing.
It seems insufficient to define __SSE2__, __SSE__ and __MMX__ because
some compiler built-in types are still needed.

I'm curious how this successfully built on (Linux) i386.  Was it built
inside of a chroot on a x86_64 system?  -msse2 could have got enabled by
mistake, allowing it to build, but then it would be unusable on a real
32-bit system.  I have no idea what this means but I suspect these are
SSE or MMX instructions in the i386 binNMU binaries:

>  80af439:	66 0f eb fd          	por    %xmm5,%xmm7
>  80af43d:	66 0f 7f 7a 30       	movdqa %xmm7,0x30(%edx)
>  80af447:	66 0f fe f3          	paddd  %xmm3,%xmm6
>  80af7a1:	66 0f 6e 8d 20 04 00 	movd   0x420(%ebp),%xmm1
>  80af7a9:	66 0f d6 4c 24 38    	movq   %xmm1,0x38(%esp)
>  80af989:	66 0f 6e 85 34 04 00 	movd   0x434(%ebp),%xmm0

My guess is that this package should only be built for 64-bit arches.

Steven Chamberlain

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