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Re: Bug#667755: aiccu: FTBFS[kfreebsd]:


Builds okay for me too on Wheezy kfreebsd-i386 (gcc-4.7, kkh 9.0-1)
using dpkg-buildpackage...

But I noticed this in the buildd log, during a debian/rules clean step:

> Removing patch 04_kfreebsd.patch
> Restoring unix-console/Makefile
> Removing patch 03_no-quiet-gcc.patch
> Restoring unix-console/Makefile

The patches are reverted, but they're not applied again before building.
 Hence kFreeBSD starts failing again, and also the build log is back to
'quiet gcc' mode, and presumably other issues.

In debian/rules, maybe 'clean: unpatch' is inappropriate, or perhaps
there's some corresponding 'patch' that should be a prerequisite for build?

Steven Chamberlain

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