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Re: Bug#671884: kfreebsd "panic: page fault" on installer image

Hi Steven,

Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> (13/05/2012):
> Hi Miguel,
> Which kernel did you choose?  Do both kfreebsd-8 and kfreebsd-9 have
> this problem?
> And which version of VirtualBox was this?  I believe a bug in vbox 3.2
> leads to regular panics of kfreebsd-9.  vbox 4.x or kfreebsd-8 are okay.
> Also please note, the d-i images from 20120405 did not work when I tried
> them (missing libraries;  unable to detect/manage disk partitions as a
> result).  The 20120404 images should be better choice.  At least until
> new daily images are being built again.

thanks for the details on the Release Announce page. I've removed this
issue from there since it looks like gone for me too with alpha1.


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