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Re: Bug#672152: perl: FTBFS on kfreebsd-*: dist/threads-shared/t/waithires.t failing


On 08/05/12 21:59, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
> We'll need to figure out exactly which test this is, which may be
> cumbersome just reading the test source file.

The test harness has a '-v' option to show annotations generated by the
test scripts.  You can also specify a single test file to run, such as:

cd t/ && ./perl harness -v ../dist/threads-shared/t/waithires.t

Trying this a few times, I see different tests failing each time:  they
are the six 'condition obtained' checks for cond_timedwait.  Some fail
noticeably more often than others.  Based on ~60 runs on kfreebsd-i386:

%failures - line# - test# - description

45% - 144 -  7 - cond_timedwait [simple]: condition obtained
62% - 144 - 12 - cond_timedwait [repeat]: condition obtained
62% - 144 - 17 - cond_timedwait [twain]: condition obtained
37% - 248 - 35 - cond_timedwait [simple]: condition obtained
55% - 248 - 40 - cond_timedwait [repeat]: condition obtained
55% - 248 - 45 - cond_timedwait [twain]: condition obtained

The 'repeat' or 'twain' types fail most of the time, but the 'simple'
type fails less often.

And the checks in ctw_ok (line 144) failed slightly more often than the
checks in ctw_ok2 (line 248).

If I'm lucky, all of the tests pass, otherwise I've seen as many as 5 of
them fail in the same run.  Usually ~3 of them fail.  This is on
kfreebsd-i386 8.3-1-686 4-way SMP.

Strangely it seems like perl 5.14.2-9 does the same.  I'm using
experimental eglibc 2.13-32+kkh901.

Steven Chamberlain

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