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Re: defaulting to GCC-4.7 for kfreebsd

As long as amd64 and i386 switch too, then I think it would be okay for
us to do the same?  But I really want to hear confirmation from Robert
and/or Christoph.

 I don't think I am really qualified/knowledged to make an informed
decision here -- the people with the real knowledge in kfreebsd
internals are Robert and Petr. I was hoping to get input from them.

I don't think changing the default makes any difference to us.  We
already hardcode specific GCC version in places that could be affected
by a new version.

In general, it is better for us to use same gcc version as (linux-)i386, hurd-i386 and (linux-)amd64. The exception might be in kfreebsd specific packages and glibc, but they can set non-default gcc easily individually.

So please switch default gcc to the same version as under linux i386/amd64
also for kfreebsd i386/amd64.


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