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Re: defaulting to GCC-4.7 for kfreebsd and the hurd?

On 27/04/12 13:31, Matthias Klose wrote:
> I'm now planning to default to GCC 4.7 for amd64 and i386.  Should kfreebsd and
> the hurd do change at the same time, or should these stay with 4.6?

In case it is relevant to this decision:

gcc-4.6 has been failing to build on kfreebsd-* since the
enable-gnu-unique-object configure option was enabled (from 4.6.3-2) :

> Error: symbol type "gnu_unique_object" is supported only by GNU targets

Whereas gcc-4.7 has built okay since that option was disabled on
kfreebsd-* and hurd-i386 (from 4.7.0~rc2-1).

Steven Chamberlain

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