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Re: Bug#670184: RM: kfreebsd-8 [hurd-i386] -- NVIU; blocks transition of 8.3-1

On 23/04/12 21:14, Robert Millan wrote:
> The hurd-i386 buildd isn't keeping up, so 8.2-11 hurd-i386 builds
> haven't been replaced with 8.3-1.
> This prevents automated removal of kfreebsd-source-8.2 from unstable,
> which I believe is what is currently preventing migration of 8.3-1 to
> testing.


I think this is actually because kfreebsd-source-8.2 is NBS, and that
needs manual removal (on all arches)?

Similar to what happened some time ago with zfsutils:

Maybe the out-of-date binary packages from the same source on hurd-i386
are the reason auto-decruft didn't already handle this.  Wildly guessing
here though.

Steven Chamberlain

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