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Re: libv8, nodejs on kfreebsd (was: r4209 - trunk/glibc-ports/kfreebsd/bits)

On 19/04/12 19:43, Robert Millan wrote:
>> What did you need these definitions for?
> pcp (which also needs other changes, currently working on it).

Ah, just making sure we weren't doing the same work at the same time...

I've got livb8+nodejs just about working now.

Could you suggest what to do about setproctitle, which is used by some
FreeBSD-specific code that expects it to find it in <unistd.h>.

For kFreeBSD it seems necessary to include <bsd/unistd.h> instead, but
is correct way to do this without patching the source code?

(Either way, the implementation of it in libbsd is currently a no-op, as
one of the nodejs tests points out).

Steven Chamberlain

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