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Re: Bug#661283: cmor: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64

clone 661283 -1
retitle -1 increase DFLDSIZ on amd64 to something good enough to build cmor
severity -1 wishlist
clone -1 -2 -3
reassign -1 kfreebsd-8
reassign -2 kfreebsd-9
reassign -3 kfreebsd-10

El 14 de març de 2012 15:46, Christoph Egger <christoph@debian.org> ha escrit:
>  kern.dfldsiz: 134217728

That's just 128 MiB.  I've increased it to 3 GiB on my amd64
workstation, and now I can build cmor (just binNMUed it btw).

For the amd64 buildds, you can put something like at the end of

echo "set kFreeBSD.kern.dfldsiz=3072M"

and re-run update-grub.

Be careful if you decide to raise it on i386.  I'm not sure what
effect could this have on available virtual memory.

Robert Millan

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