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Re: Bug#666542: incorrect rendering of lat15 characters

On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 02:06:31PM +0200, Robert Millan wrote:
> I tried with kfreebsd-downloader on an up-to-date Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
> system.  kfreebsd-downloader downloads binaries for kFreeBSD 9.0 from
> upstream.  So as far as the kernel it's concerned, we get the same
> result.

This is good.  So it has to be some configuration option...

The problem is that in Debian UTF-8 is used on the console and 
console-setup makes no attempts to support properly UTF-8 on FreeBSD 
because as far as I can tell this is impossible (or at least completely 
undocumented).  I mean there is no info how to use internationalized 
fonts with UTF-8.

Unfortunately right now I don't have kFreeBSD on my PC - I had it 
installed on a hard disk I am using for various software tests and 
accidentally it was deleted..  (On my primary disk I don't have space.)

> Tried that on FreeBSD 10-CURRENT, but I notice setup instructions have
> many references to a terminal type that is no longer in use (cons25).
> Since FreeBSD 9.0 the default is xterm.  Have you tested with recent
> versions of FreeBSD?

I haven't tested it on 10-CURRENT.

I have it tested on 9.0.  You are right - the section "TERMINAL TYPE" in 
the README is obsoleted (one could simply use TERM=xterm).  But other 
than that everything seemed to work on 9.0 properly.  As far as I could 
see only 8-bit encodings were supported on the console.  The linedraw 
symbols were emulated with ASCII symbols (which was to be expected 
considering the use of unified terminal type).

Anton Zinoviev

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