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Re: Bug#668617: PXE Boot kfreebsd-9 broken

Hi Stefan,

El 13 d’abril de 2012 16:22, Stefan Bühler <stbuehler@lighttpd.net> ha escrit:
> The grub.cfg for kfreebsd-9 is broken:
> (http://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/kfreebsd-i386/daily/netboot-9/debian-installer/kfreebsd-i386/grub.cfg)
> It uses $prefix/kfreebsd.gz as kernel, but the
> kernel is named kfreebsd-9.gz
> (Perhaps other kfreebsd-9 images have the same problem)

kfreebsd.gz is correct for kfreebsd-8.  Other images implement runtime
detection, and present you with additional options for kfreebsd-9 if
kfreebsd-9.gz is available.

But this requires "test -e", and I'm not sure if "test -e" works on
PXE ("ls" doesn't).

Could you confirm?

Robert Millan

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