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Re: Bug#668240: guitarix: FTBFS(kfreebsd-i386): hangs during waf build

found 668240 0.20.2-3

Also seen during a build of 0.20.2-3, in the same place (although the
object was called wrap_init_77 here vs. wrap_init_80 in current versions).

> [149/268] cxx: build/default/libgxwmm/gxwmm/simplevaluedisplay.cc -> build/default/libgxwmm/gxwmm/simplevaluedisplay_77.o
> [150/268] cxx: libgxwmm/gxwmm/init.cc -> build/default/libgxwmm/gxwmm/init_77.o
> [151/268] cxx: build/default/libgxwmm/gxwmm/wrap_init.cc -> build/default/libgxwmm/gxwmm/wrap_init_77.o

Older versions of the package than this, could not be built at all on
kFreeBSD due to #649634.

Steven Chamberlain

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