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Re: sysvinit: fixes for GNU/kFreeBSD

Hi Roger,

I gave a quick look at this bug report.  I think the problem reported
in 2009 is no longer present.  In particular:

  - The premise [1] doesn't seem to be true anymore. Perhaps what we
were missing is "X-Start-Before" support, which we're using now:

  $ grep X-Start-Before: /etc/init.d/freebsd-utils -H
  /etc/init.d/freebsd-utils:# X-Start-Before:    mtab

  - I've been using Debian GNU/kFreeBSD in my main workstation for
about 6 months and haven't observed any problems related to this.

initscript still has a few (minor) issues with GNU/kFreeBSD support,
but they're mostly aesthetical.  I'll prepare a report (and patch)
when I have some free time.

[1] "it is not possible to do GNU/kFreeBSD specific initialisation in
a dedicated script and ensure it is done at the right moment due to
dependencies issue"

Robert Millan

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