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Re: Bug#650963: powerd doesn't start

On 08/04/12 20:07, Robert Millan wrote:
> sysctl -a | grep ^dev.cpu

There was nothing at all on the 8.3 kernel.

With a 9.0-1 kernel there's at least something, but no dev.cpu.0.freq:

> root@kfreebsd-i386:~# sysctl -a | grep ^dev\.cpu
> dev.cpu.0.%driver: cpu
> dev.cpu.0.%parent: legacy0
> dev.cpu.1.%driver: cpu
> dev.cpu.1.%parent: legacy0
> dev.cpu.2.%driver: cpu
> dev.cpu.2.%parent: legacy0
> dev.cpu.3.%driver: cpu
> dev.cpu.3.%parent: legacy0

Steven Chamberlain

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