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Re: Buildd hung on python2.7


Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> writes:
> I notice that the python2.7 build on finzi for kfreebsd-i386 has been
> hung for over 2 days.  Probably in test_signal or test_threading which
> are known to do this sometimes.
> I'm wondering why it hasn't been automatically killed, as happened
> during the kfreebsd-amd64 build.  Is this holding up other builds on
> that buildd?

  both "virtual" buildds (finzi and fano) recently died (unclean
shutdown + file system corruption). Probably python2.7 was the last
build started on finzi and didn't finish. Fortunately the python build
hangs all react well to sbuild's timeout (actually exit on SIGTERM) in
contrat to some ruby stuff that really blocks the buildd.

> The timing is quite awkward given the amount of packages requiring build
> right now due to boost1.49 transition starting.

  I've been promised by DSA that fano and finzi will be back "today" so
hopefully we'll have two working buildds again per arch tomorrow noon
european time.

> Also there is grhino shown in 'Building' state on finzi for over 10d.

  Not sure about this one maybe some lost upload. Unfortunately I can't
check without finzi available so I've requeued it so it will get build
some time soon (though we have a backlog of ~150 packages due to
boost). Thanks for pointing me to this!



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