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Re: [PATCH] timers for kFreeBSD

El 1 d’abril de 2012 0:02, Robert Millan <rmh@debian.org> ha escrit:
> I will test older kernels and port it to amd64.

I added backward compatibility for kfreebsd-8.x.  Tested with 8.1,
8.3~ and 9.0.  In all cases it passes the full tst-timer* testsuite.
This is an improvement over tst-timer4 and tst-timer5 [1] which didn't
pass before my patch.

Also tested with kfreebsd 8.1 on amd64 and passes the full tst-timer* testsuite.

Note that ia32 userland on amd64 kernel can't run the new code (see
#666728).  When this happens it falls back to old compatibility code,
so that there is no regression relative to previous version (passes
the testsuite except tst-timer4 and tst-timer5, which fail as

TESTERS WANTED!!!  If you can test this patch, specially with new
situations (e.g. testsuites of other packages, or newer kernels on
amd64, please do!).

[1] Before my patch, tst-timer5 just pretends it works but doesn't.

Robert Millan

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