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Re: Bug#636219: debconf-set-selections can't set values (strings) with a hash

On 27/03/12 08:19, Holger Levsen wrote:
> I think it's better to recommend not to use passwords with a "#" (and possible 
> other characters) then modifiying the way preseeding works in stable.

Sorry, I don't think that is good advice to give :)

But I understand what you mean;  users pre-seeding passwords from CSV
files are already in an awkward situation.  There could still be issues
with unicode characters (for example £ or € currency symbols) if they
didn't take care with character encoding, especially if the file
originated on a Windows machine.

Debian Edu needs to fix the escaping of raw passwords in stable anyway
because of the risk of running arbitrary commands as root.

The debconf-set-selections issue remains;  whether or not it should be
fixed in stable I cannot say.

Steven Chamberlain

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