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Re: [PATCH] timers for kFreeBSD

I looked quickly at the patch, please note that linuxthreads library uses
internally signals 32-34 in a different way to NPTL, I doubt they can be
reused for timers.

That sounds problematic.  Only 32 and 33 are reserved for userland. 34 isn't.

Not really, see <bits/signum.h>

#define SIGRTMIN        (__libc_current_sigrtmin ())
#define SIGRTMAX        (__libc_current_sigrtmax ())

/* These are the hard limits of the kernel.  These values should not be
   used directly at user level.  */
#define __SIGRTMIN      65      /* be in sync with FreeBSD kernel */
#define __SIGRTMAX      126     /* be in sync with FreeBSD kernel */

Otherwise, how about setting PTHREAD_SIGBASE to something higher to
avoid collision?

The other way around: use 35 and higher internally for timers.


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