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Bug#661324: kfreebsd-kernel-headers: Incomplete or not up to date include for v4l

El 26 de febrer de 2012 11:25, Christian Marillat
<marillat@debian.org> ha escrit:
> In file included from v4l2/controls.c:30:0:
> v4l2/v4l2.h:33:3: warning: #warning Please update Video4Linux2 headers!      [-Wcpp]
> v4l2/controls.c: In function 'ControlSetCallback':
> v4l2/controls.c:153:14: error: 'V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_BITMASK' undeclared (first    use in this function)

Please note that V4L support in GNU/kFreeBSD is still very preliminar,
and the amount of drivers is very small.

It is provided with the intent that it will make it easier to port
software to GNU/kFreeBSD. However if it becomes problematic, don't
hesitate to disable it, it'll only make a very small difference to

As for V4L2_CTRL_TYPE_BITMASK, I haven't looked into the details but
it's likely that a new interface is missing.  If someone has time and
interest, I recommend working with upstream to implement it.  However
I wouldn't make a big deal out of this.

Robert Millan

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