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Re: [flashrom] compiling flashrom for Debian/kFreeBSD

El 25 de febrer de 2012 0:49, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger >> El 24 de
febrer de 2012 0:55, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
>> <c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006@gmx.net> ha escrit:
>> We have both interfaces. You can keep using iopl() if you like.
> Hm. Is iopl(3) a feature present in the FreeBSd kernel or is it just
> part of the compat layer presented by glibc?

It's a library function (glibc). Just pick the one you prefer :-)

>>>    #include <machine/cpufunc.h>
>>>    #define off64_t off_t
>>>    #define lseek64 lseek
>> Actually, we have machine/cpufunc.h (we have everything in machine/*
>> actually).  The off_t / lseek defines after this look dangerous though
>> (they collide with glibc definitions).
> Comment has been replaced with
> /* Note that FreeBSD kernel with glibc has conflicting out[bwl] definitions
>  * in machine/cpufunc.h and sys/io.h. Use cpufunc.h only for plain FreeBSD.
>  */

Uhm no, we removed the conflicts.  We need to allow programs to
include both headers painlessly.  Again, just pick the one you prefer.
 cpufunc.h is supposed to work, and if it doesn't it's a bug.

>>>    #define off64_t off_t

Needed because FreeBSD lacks off64_t. We have both off64_t and off_t
(both are 64-bit) so on GNU/kFreeBSD this define is harmless but not

>>>    #define lseek64 lseek

Same here.

Robert Millan

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