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Unable to mount filesystem from the Install CD: permission denied ( are you root )

Hello !
I am trying yet again to rescue a kfreebsd 6.0 system with the testing
CD image from this week, I came to the following problems
( All of this happeing in QEMU accessing a USB stick where the installed
OS is )

1. mounting the root filesystem
When trying to acess the root filesystem from the installer shell I get:
mount -t ufs /dev/ad0s1 /mnt
mount:permission denied ( are you root )

I can dd from the ad0 device so I am puzzled by the message.

2. Selecting a keyboard device:
When trying to set the keyboard on the console from install CD I get
kbdcontrol -d
Inapropriate ioctl for device

3. Is this OK to post such non-dev questions on this list ?
I see here mainly comments on BTS bugs, I don't want to be out of topic :)


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