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Re: Bug#659075: [rt.cpan.org #61577] ->sockdomain and ->socktype undefined on newly ->accept'ed sockets

El 16 de febrer de 2012 23:24, Daniel Kahn Gillmor
<dkg@fifthhorseman.net> ha escrit:
> Apparently freebsd doesn't currently implement SO_PROTOCOL, though i
> haven't been able to find a reason for that (i did find someone's
> proposed patch, though [0]).

The proposed patch looks fine to me, but it has to be accepted in
upstream HEAD before it can go into the kfreebsd package.

> (i'm cc'ing the debian-bsd list here in hopes that they know of some
> other way to retrieve the protocol of an existing socket from userspace
> with that kernel)

Sorry, no clue.  You'll probably have more luck asking that in
upstream mailing lists.

Robert Millan

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