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Re: [buildd-tools-devel] Bug#650978: schroot: mount: exec mount_nullfs not found: No such file or directory

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 09:15:00PM +0100, Damien Raude-Morvan wrote:
> Hi BSD Porters,
> Since last December, I'm unable to use sbuild/schroot on an unstable box :
> ~# sbuild-update -ugdc unstable
> E: 10mount: mount: exec mount_nullfs not found: No such file or directory
> E: unstable-kfreebsd-amd64-sbuild-1329077042-35644: Chroot setup
> failed: stage=setup-start
> Chroot setup failed
> Error setting up unstable chroot
> Chroot setup failed at /usr/bin/sbuild-update line 166.
> FTR:
> 1) I can manually mount -t nullfs via sudo
> 2) I haven't made any change to PATH
> 3) AFAIK, mount can't find its helper in /sbin/
> This issue is tracked as #650978.
> Does anybody have a clue ?

Well, I have a suspicion of the problem.

1) schroot setup scripts are run without a PATH being set.  This
   has not been an issue to date for some reason; either this works
   on Linux and not BSD, or we were hitherto only using shell
   builtins or commands which didn't rely on PATH.  This fix is
   fairly simple: we need to explicity set PATH in the environment
   before execing the setup scripts.

2) BSD mount is not using a sensible PATH to search for its helpers.
   If it's using the user PATH to search for its helpers, there might
   be security implication here, especially if it's SUID like on Linux.

We can fix (1) in schroot fairly simply.  (2) might need some
investigation by the BSD porters.


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