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Mouting an exisiting kfreebsd fs from the install CD

Hello !
I am trying to salvage a broken kfreebsd install by chrooting on it from
the Install CD ( using a CD downloaded from this week )
But i got the funny error message " no such file or directory "

This is what I am trying to do from the ash shell from the install CD:

ls /dev/ad4*
/dev/ad4s1 /dev/ads2 /dev/ads3
mount /dev/ad4s1 /mnt
mount: mount /dev/ad4s1 on /mnt failed: no such file or directory

I don't get that. Am i missing something ? Kernel modules ? The FS is
UFS, created from a kfreebsd 6.0 install.
kldstat shows me a kfreebsd module and a ext2 module.


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