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Re: Bug#658185: freebsd-9: freebsd-9 kernel + smartmontools:

Now we have no choice than making a real plan for switching to 9.x
- We have to make sure users are using wheezy/sid with a 9.x kernel.
- We have to provide an upgrade path for users, including the best
  moment to switch from one kernel to another in the release notes.

You're missing a bigger part of the problem: fixing runtime problems
in userland that are only exposed by kfreebsd-9.

There might be similar problems with using backported parts in 8.x.

kfreebsd-9 is unusable on Squeeze.  After glibc 2.11.3-1 upload this
got much better but there are still incompatibilities with sysvinit
and with ZFS v28 userland.

The eglibc update is not necessary, it should suffice to enable
007_clone_signals.diff in kfreebsd-9.

My advice is not to make this any bigger than it is: The only
kernel<->user problem we know of is an incompatibility in CAM, which
has a low impact and is not hard to fix.  I don't recommend trying to
declare kfreebsd-9 as fully supported because that smells like a lot
more work than simply cherry-picking a few commits into kfreebsd-8.

All from 9.x serias seems be better especially in long term.


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