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Bug#570805: [kfreebsd-*] please rebuild elfutils/sid, ignoring the 2 known, testsuite failures (Re: transition: liblzma 5)

Kurt Roeckx wrote:
Can I instead suggest someone looks at the kernel and fixes it?
It used to work, it works on the porter machines, it just fails
on the buidds.

Aurelien Jarno wrote:
The kernel part is not trivial to solve.

It now fails because of the multiple bind mounts needed by schroot.

This issue was first run into nearly a year ago, and the last post on it
was arround 2 months ago is there any progress on solving the root cause?

If not and the maintainers don't feel comfortable disabling the tests would it be possible to manually build and upload the binnmus in an environment that doesn't suffer the issue so that the packages are installable on kfreebsd again and transitions and builds of dependent packages can proceed?

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