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Bug#658185: freebsd-9: freebsd-9 kernel + smartmontools: "error sending CAMIOCOMMAND ioctl: Inappropriate ioctl for device"

El 2 de febrer de 2012 18:54, Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> ha escrit:
>> We need the rebuild for ABI transition anyway, so it's no harm to
>> queue it right away.
> Does it mean that after a rebuild, it won't work anymore with a kernel
> 8.x?

Probably. After several hours I've given up trying to make userland
compatible with both kernels. Specifically with CAM, the required
patch would be very intrusive (a struct is modified carelessly, which
would require duplicating the struct, all structs that include it, and
versioning in all the functions that rely on any of that). If someone
volunteers feel free to supply a patch, but IMHO with manpower being
so scarce this is a dead end.

When I asked FreeBSD release managers, they couldn't make it clear
whether kfreebsd 8.3 will be ready by June. Maybe it is, but they
can't make any promises. If it isn't, we could still ship a 8-STABLE
snapshot in wheezy.

At this point I'd advocate for backporting rev 225950 into kfreebsd-8
like we did for libteken.  This would break binary compat with FreeBSD
8 userland, but we didn't have such compat anyway (cf RFTSIGZMB,
#630695) so no harm done this way.

Robert Millan

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