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Bug#655281: kfreebsd-8: please provide unversioned kfreebsd-image packages

Source: kfreebsd-8
Severity: wishlist

please consider providing unversioned meta-packages for kfreebsd-image and
related packages, much like the linux-latest package is handled. for example:

  kfreebsd-image-486, kfreebsd-image-amd64, kfreebsd-image-686, 
  kfreebsd-image-xen, etc.

would each depend on the current kfreebsd-image-X-* packages, where X was the
current preferred/default version in a given release.

this would make it possible to provide a sane default for other software to
select a kfreebsd-image package.


live well,

DGkFBSDTSP here we go...

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