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Re: Bug#631639: __unused in libbsd. workaround for #522773 (linux) and #522774 (libc)

El 31 de desembre de 2011 4:40, Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de> ha escrit:
> Yes, but (a) not for their own stuff but to replace the GNU one
> which has a bootstrapping issue wrt. libglib nowadays (BSD ports
> start from a base OS system and compile everything from source
> on each installation), and (b) my MirCoDeveloper says it doesn’t
> work right anyway.

How does any of this help with solving #631639?  Maybe someone could
comment on the patch I sent 6 months ago?  I couldn't care less about
pkg-config.  I'd rather have this problem solved so we can get rid of
that 2337-line patch in freebsd-utils.

Robert Millan

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