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Re: zfsutils migration (Re: new ZFS installs completely broken in Wheezy/Sid)

2011/12/13 Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:
>> But I'm still worried about current Wheezy users being forced to
>> upgrade to 9.0 and hitting problems like #651624.
> Haha, I've quite a headache understanding all the combinations.

Relieved to see I'm not alone on that ;-)

> A Squeeze ZFS user would have kfreebsd-8 8.1 and zfsutils 8.1, and may
> like to:
> S1. upgrade to kfreebsd-8 8.2, and would need zfsutils 8.2

kfreebsd 8.2 is usable with zfsutils 8.1, they've got a different ZFS
version but AFAICT they use the same ABI (14 vs 15).

(in fact kfreebsd 8.2 is available in backports)

> A current Wheezy user may still be using the kernel+ZFS from Squeeze,

Nope. Latest kbdcontrol won't allow that (xterm transition).

> but more likely they have the 8.2 version of both.  They may want to:
> W1. keep kfreebsd-8 8.1 -- an upgrade to zfsutils 8.3 should not happen
> due to Breaks?
> W2. keep kfreebsd-8 8.2 -- an upgrade to zfsutils 8.3 should not happen
> due to Breaks?

Correct.  They would have to remove kfreebsd 8.1.

> But it will open the door for kfreebsd-8 8.3 to
> soon replace it in Wheezy and in the installer.

We can't really do that until FreeBSD 8.3 is released.  Putting 9.0-0
snapshots in testing is tricky already because new updates have to
preserve ABI (but 9.0 is due really soon now).

> The migration *must* happen before new/existing Wheezy users (without
> using Sid) can install/test ZFS with the newer kernels, particularly a
> problem for the d-i images.  I think lots of people (including myself!)
> ought to be testing these as soon as possible, in the run-up to the
> release of Wheezy and the new kernels upstream.  Upstream were only
> alerted to #650667 thanks to testing in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.

Yes.  I'm really in favour of migrating ASAP.  But it's scary... we
should at least be sure that pure sid installs currently work.

> The only other option I see is to split zfsutils so there is a separate
> version for installing+running kfreebsd-8 8.2, although that kernel
> would disappear anyway when 8.3 replaces it.

That's a big hassle, and it'd only be temporary.

> I guess bug #651624 is no longer of concern once the installer is using
> kfreebsd-8 8.3;  I think that was due to the kernel/zfsutils used by the
> installer.

Uhm I'm not so sure about that.  Let's see if Christoph finds something...

> Also it seems #644799 is fixed by newer zfsutils.

Closing then.

Robert Millan

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