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Bug#651712: RM: libnvpair-dev, libnvpair0, libnvpair0-udeb, libumem-dev, libumem0, libumem0-udeb, libuutil-dev, libuutil0, libuutil0-udeb, libzfs-dev, libzfs0, libzfs0-udeb, libzpool-dev, libzpool0, libzpool0-udeb -- ROM; NBS; not built anymore due to soname bump + intended removal of -dev packages

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: normal

Some are NBS because soname was bumped (0 -> 1), and the -dev ones are NBS
because they've been intentionally removed since they're not usable for
external applications to link with.

We can't wait for automated removal because of the ongoing transition from
kfreebsd-8 to kfreebsd-9, which breaks ZFS userland ABI (see #648744) and
therefore migration of zfsutils needs to be coordinated.


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