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Re: RFC: Automated ZFS snapshots using Hanoi algorithm

2011/12/4 Arno Töll <debian@toell.net>:
> inspecting your code I wonder why you want to tie it into zfsutils? You
> do not seem to have a hard dependency to it, after all you rely on a
> copy-on-write enabled file system and/or volume management only.
> I presume, with a few cleanups and a more generic interface to actual
> utils your script could be easily used with LVM or btrfs snapshots as well.
> Have you considered to make a separate package from it which would be
> usable for Linux alternatives?

I'm fine with this approach, but I have no interest in porting it (I
don't use Linux anymore).

What I could do is make a separate package out of it, and then if
someone finds it useful enough to invest their own time in porting /
testing it, merge their patches into the package.

Robert Millan

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