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Re: RM: gpe-shield/testing [kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64] -- ANAIS; Linux-specific

On Sun, 4 Dec 2011 14:13:24 +0100, Robert Millan wrote:
I believe manual removal of kfreebsd-* binaries from testing is needed
so that gpe-shield can migrate (if that's not the case then sorry for

For details, see http://bugs.debian.org/647655

Close - manual removal of kfreebsd-* binaries from unstable would be needed. For that, you'll need to report a bug against ftp.d.o as normal.

As a rule of thumb, the only things that get removed from testing by direct action of the release team are source packages. Anything else needs unstable's state sorting out first and the results then automatically getting synced to testing (assuming britney's happy with them).



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